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Arty, crazy, flirty, red-wine-drinking, sexy tomboy...

... and don't you forget it.

Crewman Izzy Secorro
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I love pasta.

I LOVE hockey (ice hockey, none of this grass and short skirts bullshit).

I work on the Enterprise NX-01 in the armoury, and sometimes in security.

I love my job (KABOOM!).

I work for Malcolm Reed, who is super cool, but my direct superior if he doesn't get his ass kicked out of the 'Fleet is Steo Tanner. I consider him one of my closest friends, so it's good to have him as a boss, too. Not to mention the fact that I completely adore his fiance, Michael Rostov. Without Steo I probably wouldn't have spent much time with Michael, and that would have been such a shame. The guy can cheer me up in a split second no matter how shitty my day's going! He's my Gay Prince Charming. Don't ask.

My best friend is one Dave Cunningham, a goofy steward from Jersey. I love the dude to bits. We've been talking about opening a casino together if when we get back to Earth. I get to be the manager or pit boss or something. It should be fun; anything to stick by my best friend ever. I secretly hope that if he gets married to his sweetheart, Mary Sue, he'll ask me to be best woman. I sure know that if I ever get married, I'm going to ask him to be man of honour...

I am among an elite few (there's about 3 of us?) on board who don't think Simon Foster is a complete prick. I mean... he has his moments, but I don't hate him like everyone else does. (Even the Captain's dog hates him!) Actually, I consider him a friend, even though I'm pretty sure he hates my guts.

I have an enormous crush on Colin Dillard. He's the most adorable guy in the known universe (trust me, I've been there). His eyes are like, so blue, I can't even describe how blue they are. I'm a total dork around him, but he seems to think it's cute or something.

I fucking swear too much.

I'm the youngest of 7 kids*. Not only that, but I'm the youngest of triplets. A few years ago my family went through some hard times. I haven't spoken to my brother Ilario willingly for about 8 years (we've tried to make nice at family functions, though it usually goes horribly wrong and one of us always ends up leaving early). It's just one of those things I guess.

I drink more milk than a calf does. Seriously. Cows fear me.

My parents are fucking hippies artists.

I love antique weapons, especially from Medieval Europe.

I really love kids, but I don't have any of my own. 16 nieces and nephews is enough for me (for now). I once got violated by alien bad-asses who made a little girl out of DNA from me and Hoshi Sato, but I do not consider that child to be my daughter in any way other than the biological. I was very sorry that she died, though.

I like to knit and do needle-crafts (yeah, STFU!!!). I also like to draw stupid artist parents.

I was born in Florence, Italy, but did most of my growing up in Quebec, Canada.

I really love dogs, but I'm too shy to ask Captain Archer if I can babysit Porthos. After Henry broke his arm while under my care, I just think myself lucky that the Captain even lets me near my crewmates anymore.

Denobulans... creep me out. I don't know why. But I'm getting over it now. Doctor Phlox is such a neat person, it's easy to feel comfortable around him -- I hope I get to meet some other Denobulans to see if I can handle them, too.

* Izzy's Family:
Martin (hockey coach in Montreal)
Arturo (history professor in New Zealand)
Giovanni (archaeologist in South America)
Ilario (hockey player in Montreal)
Patrizio (hockey player in Colorado)
Lorenz (hockey player in Colorado)

Mama: Ghislaine (sculptor)
Dad: Taddeo (painter)